Major Update!

I haven’t updated anything in ages, can you guess what that means? Though if you’re looking at the headline of my blog you’ll see what’s happened.

I got a job!

I am now gainfully employed and officially had the job just a few weeks after graduating, how 90’s is that?

So now I’m two months post-graduation and I’ve just had my first paycheck. The job is going well, though we are actually just going into the fourth week of training, (they want us to be really prepared), and I’m feeling good about it. Now starting to get restless from being in the classroom and itching to get out on the floor.

Real life note here: I hadn’t expected to find work so fast, I really believed I’d be blogging a consistent stream of rejections and ignored CV’s but since everything worked out for the better I’m going to divert focus onto the other things in my life now that work is taken care of. I can now afford to do all the things I’ve had to put off from being in uni and skint and I want to keep this my happy space. I won’t post where or for whom I work, and if you know, please don’t post publicly as this blog is only my own experiences, thoughts, and opinions.

I promise I will go back to regular updates now that I’m getting into a better pattern and routine.


e x

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