15 Minute Everything!

I’ve had this one in my drafts for about a month. Mostly because I started it then lost momentum – but it works!

Trying to get myself back into it again, as I seriously got so much different work done. I lasted about a week and a bit… just breaking everything I needed to/wanted to do into 15 minute blocks. I had my list of important things and after I’d done a 15 minute block, I’d colour in the box. Yes I included nap time…


I also used the Forest app to time myself, plus upon completing 15 minutes without looking at my phone, I grew a wee tree!


It is a great method, like many available (the pomodoro method is 25 minutes) it’s really about finding out what works best for yourself. I sometimes found 25 minutes to be too much and the 15 minutes was often plenty, but I’ll probably go back to experimenting, maybe do 20 minute sessions instead.

The point is to make you more productive. Regardless of the set time, it gives you the chance to do all the things we convince ourselves we don’t have time for… even 15 minutes a day at something can bring vast changes. That’s why sites like duolingo and memrise are so popular, a ten minute session everyday can help increase your vocabulary or knowledge of a language quicker than dusting off the grammar books once a week. (I’m not hating on grammar books, I promise!)

My challenge was inspired in part by Forest, mentioned above, the vast number of interests I have (without the time to dedicate to them) and this book:


She has effectively lifted the bullshit layer off what we all believe writing to be about: hours of slaving over a computer/notepad; isolating oneself from the world; doing absolutely nothing else in life but struggling over the next chapter/line/paragraph. None of this works in today’s world. We don’t have time to forgo work just to keep writing, or give up social time or family time to write – it’s better to find a quick bubble of time and write SOMETHING done, because something is better than nothing.

It’s exactly what I’m doing right now, I have a little time before I need to go out and I checked my list of blogs to do and decided to crack on with this one!

The more time spent talking about doing something, the less time you are actually doing it. In the last couple of days alone, I have managed to fit in a couple of workouts (at home), schedule several blog posts ahead, start my assessment/revision of my novel, and set up my author account on KDP! I may not have been tracking it or growing trees each time, but it all counts so long as I just keep swimming!

e x


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