30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day #5

(Apologies for missing day 5 yesterday. Here it is, I’ll follow up with day 6 in a while.)

Day 5 – Your Proudest Moment

I suppose I have a lot of proud moments to choose from and logically it should probably be something like when I finally got accepted into uni or when I graduated. However, my true proudest moment was on November 20th 2003, the day before my fifteenth birthday. I barely slept at all during the night and got up at 5am turning the radio on quietly to listen out for the competition they were running. That was the day that Linkin Park would play in Scotland for the first time ever and the radio competition was to win backstage passes and tickets to the concert that night.

And I won! I had the phone pre-dialled, bar the final number, and slammed my finger down on that last digit as soon as they told us to call in. Producer John took my details and told me to hold while they found an (un)worthy opponent to play against. The premise of the competition was to listen to the first three seconds of a linkin park song (thankfully they only had three albums at that point) and be the first person to shout in with the right answer. Aside from the fact that I was fangirl supreme and nailing the questions, my opponent hadn’t truly understood the rules, but even with the DJs reminding him, he couldn’t beat me. I won fair and square.

Then I had to get ready for school and sit my computing prelim.

Best night of my teenage life. Can’t believe it was 15 years ago!

e x

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