Moving into 2020!

Happy New Year!

I’ve been ridiculously busy and was ill (again) around Christmas time. Only had a couple of days off work and then into the new year… I beat the post-Christmas blues by taking two weeks holiday from work – and moving house!

It’s been hard and I’m nowhere near completely moved yet, but I have all the big important things in and now everything is functioning properly. (Had some issues with the boiler, because in a past life I must have done something to dishonour them).

My bookcases are up, but mostly empty; my dining table is up, but no chairs built yet; my study room has desks, but no equipment yet. And I’m back to work tomorrow, but it’s fine. Have roped the parentals in to helping move stuff a little at a time from each of their houses, and my brother is a flat-pack assembling machine. I feed them, don’t worry.

I don’t really have any pictures to show of it yet, other than cooking in my new kitchen! But once it’s all fixed up then it’s going to be flat-spam all the way.

In the meantime, I’ve drawn up a huge list of blog topics I want to crack on with this year, scary things are happening around the world, but it’s also important to remember the good things and celebrate happy moments. So here’s a spectacular sunset for you to enjoy:

View from my window… worth the rent!

e x

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