The Quarantine Diaries: Lock down Edition

So the UK is in Lock Down. Whatever that means.

Apparently it’s tightening the rules of what had been in place, further so that people really must stay home. We are only allowed out in maximum groups of two; can leave the house once a day to exercise, again alone or max with one other person; can go out to the shops for food or medicine; or must be going to care for a vulnerable person or travelling to work only if not at all possible to work from home.

Most of that seems self-explanatory. However, there is definite confusion around the concept of ‘essential’ business. Of course, these seem to be banks and post offices, pharmacies and food shops; but should building sites and call centres really be included here? Obviously every business thinks their work is essential and it’s a bitter pill to swallow but eventually it might need to be. Especially given that in these roles maintaining a physical distance can be difficult and aren’t set up in such a way to allow work to continue with physical distancing.

I’ve definitely felt it in the last few weeks for the call centre staff I’ve needed to call, several 40 minute queues to Jet2, first to enquire if my holiday was still on then another a few days later just to accept defeat that my holiday wasn’t going ahead and could I please get a refund. Then trying to call the holiday insurance who despite their website offering a refund of 50% the call centre staff refused to give me anything and only raised a complaint with the underwriter. Everyone is overwhelmed and unsure but for the most part I can see why for now these are necessary roles to continue. But for how long? Most airlines are reducing their services by at least 80% and some are going further to close down for the foreseeable future. So will all their workers still be risking life and limb in potentially toxic environments to come to a job where there’s no demand?

My parents are both in the at risk category, so they’re expected to be in for 12 weeks… There are too many hows and whys to that statement, I can’t even bring myself to deal with it just now, just putting it out there.

Hopefully there will be more information or clarification later today. Hell, even shut the whole damn country so we can ride it out in safety.

e x

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