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When real life hits

I’ve been under no illusions the last few weeks. Life is being a bitch. I’ve had too much time on my hands without a job and the panic has set in many times. The unemployment rate is ridiculously high in Glasgow… apparently nothing’s changed in the last five years, even despite the massive increase in my work experience and my degree; it has done little to improve my circumstances.

Don’t ask what happened to the other job. All I’ll say is it was making me ill and it’s not the direction I wanted to be going in. Though I’m struggling, I don’t regret leaving… I’m just wondering if being in Glasgow is really the right place for me now.

When I don’t need to get up, I really struggle to get up at a reasonable time. I am the master of the 12-hour sleep and also often suddenly find myself still up faffing around at 2am… you get the picture. Anyway, today I finally got my shit together and left the house after 2pm wanting to go to the Mitchell Library. It’s only open until 5pm on a Friday but I could still make it for a few hours.

I was barely on the bus and in the middle of reading Lauren Graham’s Talking as Fast as I Can book when I heard others on the bus cry out a resounding “OHH!” I looked up and saw a wee man at the bus stop just collapsed onto the ground and wasn’t moving. Everyone on the bus froze in shock and a few people quickly jumped off and started fussing. Still no one knew what to actually do. I felt like an idiot. I just watched from the bus window, concerned but helpless. A guy appeared from nowhere and I wasn’t sure if he was just trying to get into the bus stop and was unaware of what was going on, but he got down on his hands and knees and pulled the guy onto his back and started doing chest compresions. Another woman soon took over this and the guy started giving mouth to mouth. Someone else called an ambulance and we all watched on as the old man still lay unmoving.

Eventually the bus driver was wanting to move on, some people stayed with the man and let the bus go. We all felt bad. A few stops later we saw the Paramedic ambulance racing in the opposite direction and a bit after that the real ambulance also rushed by. Gives me the shivers but isn’t the first time I’ve been in a situation like this. I really need to get First Aid certified.

It hasn’t tainted my day in so much as it has just brought a mortal edge to my issues. I’m struggling to find work, but so are lots of people. The world isn’t what it used to be… but also the world isn’t what it used to be. I am young, free, and single. The most fortunate woman in my long family line where I have had the help and support to be educated, to be free to work (even if I can’t find it), I live in a technological age where I can earn bits of money online, and I don’t need to marry, nor have children. I am not infallable, but I’m not defeated either. Something good will come eventually, it’s important to keep looking and being involved in life. In the meantime I’ll keep writing and finding joy where I can.

Just keep swimming!

e x

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Major Update!

I haven’t updated anything in ages, can you guess what that means? Though if you’re looking at the headline of my blog you’ll see what’s happened.

I got a job!

I am now gainfully employed and officially had the job just a few weeks after graduating, how 90’s is that?

So now I’m two months post-graduation and I’ve just had my first paycheck. The job is going well, though we are actually just going into the fourth week of training, (they want us to be really prepared), and I’m feeling good about it. Now starting to get restless from being in the classroom and itching to get out on the floor.

Real life note here: I hadn’t expected to find work so fast, I really believed I’d be blogging a consistent stream of rejections and ignored CV’s but since everything worked out for the better I’m going to divert focus onto the other things in my life now that work is taken care of. I can now afford to do all the things I’ve had to put off from being in uni and skint and I want to keep this my happy space. I won’t post where or for whom I work, and if you know, please don’t post publicly as this blog is only my own experiences, thoughts, and opinions.

I promise I will go back to regular updates now that I’m getting into a better pattern and routine.


e x

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Bad Netiquette

Unfortunately, I’ve had a lingering bout of illness including sore throat and now severely chesty cough. It’s made speaking difficult and speaking without coughing is virtually impossible right now, thankfully it’s been the weekend so I’m trying to recover as best as I can. I’m hoping that from Monday I might start hearing back from jobs I’ve applied to.

There was a job that was fairly close to where I live, maybe a 20 minute walk but it was just under 30 hours a week and would have been perfect, all the duties I did in my last job. Yet, after applying, sending my CV and covering letter I logged on the next day to see that the ad had been deleted without so much as an apology or a ‘thanks for applying but the job’s been filled’. Where’s the niceties now? Obviously as a job-hunter it’s imperative to adhere to all the formalities when applying for any job and I’m happy to do so, but is it too much to ask to have it in return? There are countless jobs that I haven’t ever heard back about, not even an automated email, but fine I can accept that. However, employers need to be aware that when they advertise a job on certain sites, particularly with built-in messaging systems, they need to be aware how rude it seems to ignore someone’s application and if they can take the time to delete the ad then surely they could take two minutes to say, ‘thanks, but the job’s been taken’.

I have a few other pokers in the fire at the moment, gotten on to the third level of application for a customer service role, fixed up my CV because the old one was crap, and created a linkedin page… is this growing up? There’s a couple of things up my sleeve that I don’t want to mention just yet until there’s a confirmation, regardless I’m tired from being ill and I’m itching to get into something again… plus, money is nice as well.

e x