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Dissertation Update #7

It’s been a wee while between updates thanks to health stuff and not knowing what is causing me to still feel so ill.

Anyway! I’ve been working away bit by bit and last night I hit the 10k words mark! Woohoo! Then today I started four new crochet projects because I’m procrochetenating finishing the excerpt.

I’ve sat back down at my desk, lit some candles, have the Gladiator soundtrack playing and cracking on back to work. My hook is next to me once I earn a break.

I’m itching to get back to normal stuff again, gaming and reading. My goodreads challenge is getting out of control so I’ll be speed reading through my TBR list after October 3rd!

Good news is coming soon, I’ll tell you all closer to the time 🙂

e x

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It’s Nanowrimo season!

Hello all,

So we’re eight days into November Nano 2017 and I’ve mostly been keeping up with the word count. Until now. Currently just over 6000 words just now but you can check my progress on the widget —> there. I’m working on a book that’s been on my mind for a while, it’s actually the second book in a novel series.

I’ve hit a few difficult points already, including a missing chapter plan that I’m now sure was written on a white board and is gone gone. Alas, the point of Nano is just to write for the sheer fun of writing. Obviously I’m doing this alongside my MA so my inner editor keeps appearing and yelling at me… also I’ve been procrastinating some of my actual assignments but I’ll get back on it soon enough.

For now, we write!

e x